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Note that there are markers and clocks placed every mile of the race. Unless you started in the first corral, pay no attention to the time on the clock since many seconds (minutes) will have passed between when the gun went off and when you actually crossed the start line. Do however use these markers (there are also kilometre Nike Air Max 2017 Womens markers for the first 10K as well as at every 5K), to check on your pacing.
As in any marathon, be sure to have and follow a personal fueling and hydration plan. You will hopefully have practiced this in training and found what works best for you but in general, aim to intake 30-60 grams of carbohydrates–in the form of sports Adidas Superstar Hombre drink, energy gels, chews or other–for every hour of running.
As in any race, try your best to run the tangents–which is the most direct and therefore shortest route–of the course. Stick to one side of the course and avoid veering back and forth from Nike Air Max 90 Damen Pink one side to the other.
Break the course into smaller sections or pieces. The easiest way to do this is to consider each 5K (or 10K) as a distinct section. Focus on the section that you’re in and try not to think too much about how far you still have to go Nike Roshe Run Womens or what’s up ahead.
Returning to the topic of a pacing plan: be willing to adjust your pacing for the conditions. If it’s particularly warm, humid, windy or wet, you may have to alter your paces to meet the conditions. Likewise, you should expect that some Nike Air Max TN Damensections of the race–namely, the downhills–are faster than the uphill sections. Be ready to see that your pace from one kilometre (or mile) will vary considerably. This is where ‘running by feel’ can come in handy. Aim to maintain a consistent effort, not necessarily a consistent pace.
The section of hills through Newton will Nike Air Huarache Womens be the most physically challenging and with the right training, you will be ready for them. Remember that it is less about the severity–the length or steepness–of the hills and more about the fact that they come at a most difficult part of the race. Adidas Superstar Homme Fortunately the crowds along this section are strong and you can use their energy to get you through.
Once you finally crest Heartbreak, don’t expect to feel amazing and know there is still a long way (about 8K) to go. Take a moment to find your rhythm, do a quick Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black self-assessment and then mentally prepare for the “final” section of the race, which will likely be the toughest. The course is mostly downhill from this point, so use those downhill sections to hold or increase your pace if and when you can.
Once you can see the infamous Citgo sign, you’ll know you are getting closer. It seems Adidas Superstar Mens to linger forever in the distance but when you reach it, you’ll have only one mile to go. Just prior to this, there is one small hill which can seem like a mountain at this point.

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