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They are ideal for Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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The lens is available in different size and they are ideal for Fiber Optic Splice Closure , laser focus lens device, microscopy, and endoscopy and ideally suited as a collector in LED lighting. High index lens has high tolerance and refraction of 2.0.

High index is used in endoscopy, scanning bar codes and sensor applications. Ball lens is considered as great optical component which are used to improve the signal coupling between detectors and fibers.

They are basically manufactured as a single substrate of glass and the focusing of the lens depends upon the geometry of input source. Custom manufactured lens requires specific glass materials for each application.

The half ball lens is designed to light high power LED. They have a scratch proof surface with high surface quality. They are resistant to heat and provide a very high refraction index. Prototypes and standard types are easily available but extended version is available only on request.

They offer excellent UV transmission and they are low coefficient of thermal expansion. They are ideal to use in applications related to ultraviolet and infrared spectra. The DOME Fiber Closure coupling half spheres can be used in applications such as microscopy, endoscopy, to measure laser and for optical pick up devices. Usually the lens is manufactured based on the requirements in industries.

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