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Fiber distribution box have protruding ends

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This means that fiber distribution box have protruding ends that can be inserted into slots in electronic devices or fiber adapters that connect two or more cables together. These connectors are specially designed to fit only one type of slot. In order to plug one type of connector into a different type of device, a special converter is needed.

The first commercial fiber distribution hub was a large round metal unit. The fiber in the cable is held in the connector's head, and once inserted, the fiber moves to expose the fiber.

Fiber distribution box for fiber optic cable and optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the adapter inside the wiring box, with optical jumper cable leads to optical signals, optical wiring function. Suitable for fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail protective connection, but also for optical fiber access network terminal point used.

Fiber distribution box is a new product designed and developed for the FTTH construction using different levels of first-class or second-class spectroscopy. The box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, composite material SMC and VO grade ABS industrial plastic Into it, it should have the characteristics of water vapor condensation, waterproof and dustproof, pest control and rodent damage, impact resistance.

The product is used to connect the optical fiber cable to the butterfly fiber termination box through the optical splitter so as to meet the requirements of the user for opening the high-bandwidth broadband service and install it on the outdoor wall.

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