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Déplacement : touches fléchées
tirer : barre espace
changer arme : touches de 0 à 9

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Ralph Bakshi's talk was easily a higihhglt. Unfortunately, it was not well-attended and people missed a tremendous opportunity to hear an important figure.Why is he an important figure? He's never made anything good - and by that I mean both technically and as far as having anything new to say. Crumb was right about Fritz, and his Lord of the Rings was awful.Bakshi readily confessed to the shortcomings of his films, but stressed the conditions they were made under.He may have readily confessed but he wasn't honest about the shortcomings. He wanted to be someone he couldn't be due to a lack of talent.

EWc0GACx, le 28/10/2015 à 12:13

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