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Wait till your out of warenty and save up for the lift you relaly want (but don't realize it yet).For the lift kit stick with a long arm kit and stay away from short arm kits and body lifts. You will foul up the drivetrain geometry ruin your on street performance and start busting stuff off road. You will spend more money and be broke down alot than doing it right. Do youself a favor and look at Nth Degree mobility. The guy that designed the kits (and owns the company) worked on the TJ suspension design team. Their products actualy IMPROVE onroad handeling. You will be looking at a 4 lift to fit 33 s and 6 to swing 35 without rubbing.The rough country for $800 sounds like a bad idea If you start trading out components you take the jeep out of balance. The engineers spent a lot of time on designing a system. If you want more lift than they designed you have a lot of work to do to put things right. I just put a Nth degree 6 long arm under my 98 TJ. Lift kit, new shocks, upgrade the steering bars, change out the gears (front and rear diffarentials), Rear drive shaft new wheels and tires. You could easely spend $8,000.00 to keep your rig in balance and go to 33 or 35 rubber. If you like your jeep save up the cash to do it right you will be happier and it will cost less than starting down the road your considering.

W3l5VDqmpiN, le 11/08/2015 à 14:40

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