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Achilles - Le jeu gratuit Achilles sur Eurovore


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Jouer à Achilles

Déplacement : A,W,S,D ou les touches fléchées

coup de poing : 4,T
coup de pieds : 5,Y

Commentaires sur Achilles

Hey Sabayon!!!Do you really think "had better" is especially Southern? It sounds perfectly ordinary to my (Nrinhert-mrdwesteon) ears: "You had better do it; you'd better get it done." Whereas "used to could"??? I've never heard anything like it.

HGyx7TMwq, le 13/03/2017 à 20:45

Good for you I did the Tinkerbell this past January. It's a fun race just watch out for getting poked in the eye with the tips of wings. It's a race haazrd! Just stay steady with your training plan and you will be fine.

cWRCyJ54VmM, le 28/10/2015 à 12:29

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