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I'd like to point out, for the BMW, that's a BMW 320i over 10 years, and the 2000/month is inclusive of the dearded certificate.For a saner car like a Civic or a Mazda3, you end up paying perhaps 800 SGD for 10 years, this is on 15% D/P and includes the certificate as well (which is 20,000 SGD).And no, I don't live/work in SG. Wish I did though.. I'm there often-ish though (Oracle APAC HQ). It's also Microsoft APAC HQ if I recall when I interviewed at MS a couple years ago I got interviewed by Chris Sharp and someone at Microsoft SG.Starting pay for fresh IT grads in SG is about 1,700 SGD per month. Increases to maybe 2,500 SGD per month for people with 3 years experience. Most Pinoy IT workers who go there are in the 3,000 SGD/month range although 5,000 to 6,000 for those in MNC's is common enough. Yung mga nasa 10,000 SGD/month are enterprise architect level na.So 450K/month in the Philippines is not just laughable, it's outright ludicrous. Even Singaporeans in their own country don't get paid that much.

Vt1nlt6vkcfb, le 11/08/2015 à 00:11

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